I'm not quite sure if I'm mistaking this for wanderlust, but I have this intense, deep "homesickness" for
London. I miss the chilly weather, the British accents, the late sunrises and the early sunsets. I miss a lot of it. I miss it all. Many people don't see the beauty of London. Maybe they think too much from the ideals of a holiday. The beauty of blue skies, tropical weather, exotic food and bargain shopping.
Honestly, I see more beauty in the streets of London.
I see beauty in its poise, in its class, in its understated nature.
In its architecture, in its culture, in its everyday flow.
It may not be the beach for a relaxing holiday, but you know you're in a different, exciting place when you step out of Heathrow airport. Especially in winter, when the cold air greets you, and you see the black taxis pass by. I found that very thrilling.
I've told myself, I will come back. Maybe even live there for a year.
I really hope I do. I have so much more to see. So much more to experience there.

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Adolescent/small adult with millions of ambitions, sight set as high as Mount Everest, with a love for all things. Arianne is a media student hoping to become a "creative". Someone who can do many roles, not bound by the 9-5 grind.