When I'm by myself, having some alone time (which is too often nowadays for my liking)...I think to myself what are my true dreams in life. What do I want to end up doing career-wise, if I want to have a family and in a few years time, I wonder where will I be? Would I still be in Sydney, or in some foreign location? I haven't fully figured myself out yet, but this is what I know as of now.

  • After graduating I want to live for a year overseas. My two destinations I'm considering are London and Tokyo. London, because I love the culture, the people and the creative industries there. Japan because I love the street style, the arts, design and magazine industry over there. I want to live & work overseas for a year so that it will give me that competitive edge when I apply for jobs and gain some independence, as well as having a once in a life experience to remember.
  • I want to explore the arts. What I mean by this, is that I have so many aspirations and so many ventures that I dream of doing. Of course having a stable job, but on the side I'm also doing several creative endeavours. I want to try designing and styling, producing and composing music. I want to make artworks and hold exhibits, I want to design and build houses and write books. I really want to try doing them all, even if I know this requires a lot of hard work and money.
  • There are two routes I see my life could be taking. One is where I don't end up settling down, but I have a very successful career and maybe marrying late. Its not very idyllic, but I know how I am and I put my career first instead of relationships and the sort. The other is where I will have a family, but my career will not be as successful or prestigious. I do feel I will be working in the industry I want to work in, but because of the stability I need for my family; I can't accept all the jobs I want.
  • I must live in a townhouse or a terrace. Like in London where you see the rows of townhouses, all identical. It will look small from the exterior, but large in the inside. And I will have a rooftop where there will be a garden and a day bed. I've always wanted a wall where I can put large planks of wood so that the whole wall are just stacks of shelves. Oh, and my plates will be Versace.
  • If I do have kids, I want four. I'm not quite sure why, but I've always imagined have one pair of twins and then separately one boy and a girl. Its weird and not really practical, but I think I can handle four kids and I think it would be nice to have four kids.
I'm not sure if I'm a deep thinker, or if these thoughts come from the fact that it is 1am and everybody is asleep in my house. I may sleep and wake up in the morning, completely forgetting I ever wrote this, but I do know that some of these are true and that if they are not fulfilled in some way, I've missed out on achieving some of my biggest goals I've had.

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