Classic & Cult

I've always liked to be a chameleon with my style. 
Someone that can look effortless in any look and theme.
One thing I've noticed as my style transitions, is that I tend to go for classic pieces and then add a "trending" or cult item with it. It is important for me to have my own sense of style and not 100% submit to each tide of trends, but I do think that choosing a trendy item and adding it to your style adds more liveliness to your look.

As the cold weather has hit Sydney, I have with great joy taken out my boots, been able to wear trenches and accessorise with scarves! So this outfit that I have visualised is influenced by the current seasonal change here, but hopefully people who live in the US (and possible Europe) can take tips from this and still find it valid for their weather.

A biker trench coat is a classic Winter piece that I think doesn't go out of style so quickly. It's classically cool, the mother of edgy items. I've chosen this creamy baby blue number as I feel that bright-coloured trenches will be big here in Sydney this winter and I just love the look of a fresh colour on such a classic design. I really love the AW14-15 collection of Rodarte, and there's this one bright magenta coat with a periwinkle blue collar that is to die for!

Polkadot trousers are so chic! Polkadot again is such a timeless pattern, it will always be a great feminine go-to print. I thought that the Polkadots as bottoms would be more interesting, rather than a chiffon polkadot blouse or a polkadot tee.

The mesh tee is definitely a trending item. I've had this obsession with mesh for ages, but actually don't own any mesh shirts! It's quite a sporty piece, but I think it would blend well with the other pieces especially the Chanel boots.

I've seen Aimee Song on her instagram wear her boots so many times, and every time I've laid eyes on them a flash of envy crosses my mind. I WANT THEM WITH A PASSION. Chanel and their shoes are killing it at the moment. Bless you Mr. Lagerfeld.

The Moschino clutch and in general Moschino right now is everywhere! On celebrities, on bloggers, Moschino thanks to Jeremy Scott has become an even greater success. This would be great to contrast with the blue biker trench and kind of hint to an 80s' feel with the polkadots and boots.

To finish off the look, to incorporate more feminine elements (if desired), wear a pearl necklace or simple silver jewellery. And match the red of the Moschino bag with a red matte lipstick, YSL has some great rouge shades.


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