A Day in the Blue Mountains

As a girl that is always stuck to her phone, travelling to the city every week and has her eyes glued onto a screen for how many hours a day--a day trip to some natural sights is downright refreshing.
My friend Tash and I drove up to the Blue Mountains today to do some exploring.

We ate at this quaint bookshop/cafe called 'Blue Mist Cafe', where we could imagine ourselves coming here having several mothers' meetings when we're wrinkled and retired. Not that I was doing it on purpose, but I overheard conversations of some people seated next to our table. Chatting about the bible, chatting about spirituality. You know you're in the mountains when people aren't talking about social media. The change in ambience was something I never thought I'd appreciate.

Tash and I were 50/50 on the idea of hiking. I dressed up like an aunt going for a day trip, and Tash brought her "exercise clothes" in her car. I really thought we wouldn't end up hiking after lunch, since we were nearly at the point of food coma. However, when we drove into the national park, the views we got from just driving in changed our minds in seconds.

Not focusing on my phone, my studies, work, anything related to technology was great. Just the huff-puff of trying to walk through inclines and not-so-paved-out pathways was a great de-stresser from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

I'll definitely be doing more hikes in the future!



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