Outfit Post: I'm not a normal intern, I'm a cool intern

Denim Jacket - Lee Cooper
Black Maxi Dress - Gifted from mama
Sneakers - New Balance
Beanie - Markets
Backpack - Cath Kidston

In my final semester of university, I've been interning twice a week and finding outfits aren't getting any easier for me! I'm trying to balance a professional yet fun look, and I'm not sure I'm hitting it, but oh well, my ma said it was nice. 
Now that it's September, Sydney weather is slowly (at snail's pace) transitioning to Spring weather. So my main dilemma is do I wear a jacket? Is it too hot for this? Will it be windy today? First world problems at its best am I right?
So hopefully outfits like this will help me survive this rough transition! 


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