Happy holidays to everyone reading this!
This holiday season I'm touring Europe the third time round with my family (you can see all my touristy snaps on my Instagram!) and the winter here has made me daydream all these fantastical, idyllic moments that can only happen exclusively in winter. One of these moments, being a winter wedding! Coincidentally, I'm a bridesmaid for a 2016 Winter Wedding, so I'm very much into the latest trends about weddings courtesy of my cousin's conversations about her own. 
So here I present, the five essentials that would complete my dreamy Winter Wedding!

It is my personal opinion, that bright colours don't have a place in the Winter time. That is why, I think textures rule colours for a Winter wedding. Embrace this season and its love for heavy, textured fabrics to warm you up. Whether its the bride wearing a lace-filled wedding dress, or the rows of seats adorned with lace fabric...lace is a must for a Wintery matrimony.

Like lace, I believe Velvet also has a place in the Winter time. I love the lush, extravagant aura velvet has the ability to pull off. For my own wedding, I would absolutely squeal in delight (internally of course) if my future spouse and his groomsmen were all in line in slick velvet tuxedos. If you're a person who loves seeing a man in a tux, I suggest you browse The Black Tux's selection tuxedo rentals, where their velvet tuxedo is fine as wine. 

In a typical Spring or Summer wedding, you would expect splashes of colour from floral arrangements to make the locations of the wedding ceremony and reception vibrant. As previously stated, I don't think lively colours belong with the refined, cooler hues of Winter. To replace the fullness colourful flowers would bring to a wedding, a perfect Winter wedding would be garnished in several other decorations and elements. To still bring this aspect of flowers to a Winter wedding, I would add white floral hairpieces for the bridesmaids' hairstyles. I'd love to see a few white peonies or chrysanthemums perched on the hair, or maybe even a floral headband filled with mixed white flowers. I think this little detail would add chicness to the feel of my wedding, and add the same interest colourful flowers would attract.

Leading on to my next essential, I would make my colour scheme white and ivory. I would have white bouquets, ivory bowties, pearl beads in table centrepieces--really hone in that snowy, Wintery atmosphere! Ivory wedding dresses are also something I'd love to see in Winter weddings. I think they're classic, underrated and more flattering than a traditional white dress. 

I'm not sure if anyone else is like me, but whenever I'm at a wedding reception, I always appreciate the type of decorative lighting they have. Whether it's rope light across curtains and the floor, or chandelier lights adorned with's the first thing my eyes notice! For my own wedding, I want to wrap twinkle lights around artificial trees, and have rows of lights draped across the ceiling. It would look amazing in photos, and its definitely reminiscent of the outdoor lighting you see at Xmas markets all over Europe. 


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