Staples for the Summer to Autumn transition!

I know, for many of you it's hard to let go of your Summer wardrobe filled with printed rompers and denim pieces! But fear not, for here are my ways/items that will ease this seasonal shift for all you fashionistas.

Keep your blouses!
Luckily it's not Winter time yet, so we're still able to show a bit of arm. For Autumn, I'll still be wearing lace-up blouses and mid-riffs. Just pair them with high-waisted jeans/trousers or even with a cute skirt (my preference being a nice printed midi flare!). Bring a light coat just in case the weather gets chilly!

Layer with vests.
If you still had a Summery dress or even a playsuit you haven't had the opportunity to prance in yet, you still have time! If you're a bit iffy about wearing these outfits on cloudy, overcast Autumnal days, layer it with a cute vest. Adds extra warmth and extra dimension!

Stay loyal to denim.
Bless whoever discovered the purposes for denim! Denim is just appropriate for any season really, so love and use your denim to death! For this season change, I'll be sporting denim culottes or even flared denim jeans. Pair with dark or earthy-coloured tops to suit the Fall mood. 

Keep the outfit, change the shoes.
If you really cannot farewell to those cute, light summery looks and you're living in a fairly hot climate, maybe you don't need to say goodbye yet! Change your summer footwear to closed shoes, a pair of boots or a slick pair of sneakers. I'm not saying this is a fact, but if my feet or my head are covered, I can pretty much wear whatever and stay warm!

Tweak your makeup.
In my opinion, Summer is not the greatest time to experiment with your make-up look. All that effort, only for it to melt off in the heat, no thank you! Luckily Autumn brings in a milder forecast, giving you the opportunity to wear make up more often. To signal the seasonal shift, I would change from lip glosses to darker matte lipsticks, like a dark plum or brown shade. Make up is amazing in that, without changing your outfit, your make up can switch up the whole vibe of your look.

It doesn't have to be a sad bid adieu! to Summer! 
Take every season change opportunity to have some fun and develop your style.

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