Basic is best

I've been inspired these past few days by simple, less-layered outfits by celebrities who try to go incognito from the paps, the public, etc. I think there is a beauty to a simple, outfit where there's one colour that pops against white, black or another neutral tone.

My go-to outfit these days would be an all-black ensemble and a bright pair of shoes.
For a sporty vibe, I'd go for my Adidas Superstars or my New Balance sneakers.
If I felt like being more feminine, I'd potentially pair is with a nice pair of heels or a pair of flats (ballerina or oxfords are awesome!).

For make-up, I'd match this look with a flawless foundation look and a simple gloss or nude lipstick (matte or sheen, it's up to you). 

This style is great for people who have to be at places, yet love a sleep-in and only have 30 minutes to get ready!


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Adolescent/small adult with millions of ambitions, sight set as high as Mount Everest, with a love for all things. Arianne is a media student hoping to become a "creative". Someone who can do many roles, not bound by the 9-5 grind.