I'm sure all of you out there have had these moments several times in the year, where you stare at your closet and think to yourself "How did this happen???". There's too many tops, jackets, bottoms that you haven't used in months. Clothes not in their right places, organisation thrown out the window. It's definitely time for a wardrobe cleanse, no point waiting for Spring to come around where your wardrobe is probably double the trouble. Here are my holy grail commandments when it comes to giving your wardrobe a detox:

Know your style
The most important thing to know when you sort through your closet, is to be aware of how you dress, and what style you have. This is because when it comes down to what you want to keep and what you want to give away, it won't be such a life or death matter. Keep a style inspiration board, or simply save some photos on your phone of what looks you like so you're confident in how you want to dress. Being sure of how you dress is going to help you clearly decide what stays and what goes!

Quality over quantity
It's nice to have variety in your wardrobe, but if you have fifteen pairs of jeans, you need to draw a line. Instead of considering how trendy or how cool a piece in your wardrobe is...think about the durability of your clothes. What's the point of keeping a t-shirt, if it's reaching rags status? Keep the high quality basics in your closet and/or invest in some new basics that will last a lifetime. If you have a bae and have taken it upon yourself to sort their side of the closet too...check out Tommy John for some A-grade athleisure, loungewear and other essential closet pieces. It's also important to sort out and invest in sturdy, comfortable intimates for yourself and your partner. Tommy John have an extensive range of underwear to suit all of your guy's style and comfort preferences.

Never worn, never will be
If you still have clothes in your wardrobe that still have the price tag on them, do NOT keep them! If you had wanted to wear it by now, you would of, but you haven't. So donate, sell, do whatever, but don't leave it in your closet hanged up, thinking you will begin to wear it. Odds are, you won't. 

Be your harshest critic
This may be one of the very few times, where you can be hard with yourself. Don't compensate for yourself if you haven't worn something for awhile, throw it out! If that dress doesn't fit anymore, don't keep it thinking it can be a "goal" dress. The point of a cleanse is to remove all unnecessary, unused garments, and if you're too lenient in what you're going to keep, will it have been a very effective wardrobe cleanse? Be decisive when you ask yourself "Will I wear this again", no maybe's or I's either a YES or NO. 

When you have accumulated clothing that you need to get rid of, consider donating, don't trash it! My parents always send a box of our unused clothes and other items to the Philippines once every two months. And I believe that it is a very fulfilling alternative to just throwing away your clothes. If you have clothes that you don't use, but still have life left in them, drop them in the Smiths family bin, or do your research and find a charity looking for clothing donations. It's important to help those in need, and this is one VERY simple way of giving. Please also consider what you are going to donate, there's nothing worse than donating items that aren't quality anymore! 

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