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Hi all! It's been awhile since my last post.
How are you all? What's new?

Southern-inspired fashion is everywhere right now and since it's Winter here in Sydney, and Summer on the other side of the world. I'm going to do three Southern-inspired outfits for all seasons! So no one misses out on wearing pieces with some Southern love. 

There is always a battle between wearing what you want, what the weather wants and what is comfortable. I feel like with this combo, you'll be nailing Southern style comfortably and chicly. 
Denim is always appropriate no matter what season, and I've been seeing some denim frocks out and about lately! It's a great choice that compliments the warm, colourful vibes of the Southern trend. Wearing an off-shoulder top underneath all the more accentuates this Texan-inspired get up. Pair it up with embellished knee-high boots and accessorise as desired. The key to getting the trend right is your choice of accessories and the vibrancy/patterns of your look.

For Australians and other countries braving the cold seasons right now, don't be so envious of the summer lovers. You can achieve Southern style greatness too!
For a Wintery, Southern look...I focused on the heavy duty aspect of cowboy/cowgirl outfits with an emphasis on buckles and heavy fabrics. Shearling coats and outerwear is an a-grade choice for winter. It's warm and comes off as edgy. Try some pleather pants instead of a standard black skinny, it's ultra cool and is bulkier which equals more warmth for your pins! Bring back the warm tones to your outfit with bright-printed accessories and a brown choice of bag. To keep warm and keep to the Southern theme, go for heavy fabrics, embellished accessories and outerwear.

I have bundled these two seasons together as I think that their weather can be similar. However, you can make some tweaks here and there to make it super Autumn or super Spring!
In these seasons, it's a dilemma on whether it will be entirely cold or hot, so we try to prepare for both. When I think of these seasons, I think to dress in Summer silhouette, but with the thicker fabrics of Winter. A long bell-sleeved blouse is appropriate in any season, and adds femininity and flow to the outfit, much like other Southern outfits do. With a short-fringed skirt, it adds some vivacity and fun to the outfit! If it's Spring, go for a brighter colour to accessorise with. If it's Winter, darker shades are bae.

If you haven't noticed, boots are the game-changer in these outfits. Boots are life to Southern-inspired looks, and I suggest you invest in a timeless, fancy pair. The King Ranch Saddle Shop has an extensive and drool-worthy range of women’s boots that reflect the heart of Southern style. And for all those charming men who yearn to play up their inner cowboy, their collection of men’s boots will not disappoint. I'd love to see how everyone styles a good Texan boot! Hashtag your outfits with #texasstyle so I can check out what all of you have thought up.



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