My name is Arianne, friends call me Ren, I tell baristas to put Celeste on my coffee cups & my family call me Yan-Yan. So whatever you fancy calling me, is fine by me.
My blog name michiamoarianne broken down is mi chiamo arianne. Mi chiamo in italian is "my name is", so therefore my name is arianne. Pretty straightforward right?

Based in Sydney, I'm a Media graduate looking to achieve the long string of aspirations I've set out to achieve!

After studying, I hope to someday become a Creative Director for a Fashion/Pop Culture/Arts Magazine whether it be print (if print is still alive) or online. My favourite magazines are Dazed and Confused, Nylon and Yen. I do have a lot of other creative ventures I wish to accomplish in the future. Maybe try designing, or do some styling-generally experience doing a broad range of work in the creative industries. Another career aspiration is to be a full-time fashion/travel blogger. Doing blogging as a full-time, paying job would be amazing. Something I'm also getting into is screenwriting! Writing up scripts for the big screen is really an art form, and I'm trying to master it slowly.

I enjoy cafe-hopping, watching a Wes Anderson film and setting up impromptu photoshoots with friends and family! Donuts are my kryptonite and L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab is my perfume of choice at the moment. We will become instant friends if you mention Theo James or love a good Medieval Arts meme ;)

For any inquiries please contact me through:   ariannezaragoza@gmail.com



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Arianne (ah-ree-yun)

Adolescent/small adult with millions of ambitions, sight set as high as Mount Everest, with a love for all things. Arianne is a media student hoping to become a "creative". Someone who can do many roles, not bound by the 9-5 grind.